Steel Dragon
Magna Armor
DigiEgg of Miracles
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd
70 170 60 100 75 55

Magnamon is the first Pokemon of the special Armor group. Magnamon is very powerful and is probably the most powerful Pokemon in the Armor groups in terms of psychical and offense power! He has 2 special based moves, one psychical, and one special. Magna Explosion is suicidal, but will almost never leave the enemy alive upon hitting. Magna Blaster is the most powerful move that is beneficial such as increasing your special attack. However with all of these good moves and good offense stats, it has really bad speed and defenses. It's HP is not that high either. It will almost always go last, but it's ability doubles it's defense after it's HP goes lower than 25% which is good. Magnamon is very useful if you can hit your opponents, but it's suicidal.


Steel Flying
Golden Armor
DigiEgg of Destiny
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd
70 40 100 150 60 110

Rapidmon is the second Pokemon in the special Armor cycle. It is very quick, good psychical defensely, and really good in terms of special attack. It has very below average psychical attack, plus terrible special defense. It is not very useful because of that. However it learns a lot of solid special based moves. All of it's 3 signature moves are special. But none of the moves it learns, except for Flash Cannon has full accuracy. It's ability is very useful since it prevents it from getting status problems. Rapidmon is really good to use, however it's also very difficult.

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