Grass Flying
Speed Boast
DigiEgg of Sincerity
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd
60 105 60 115 70 120

Shurimon is the first Pokemon in the Secondary Armor Pokemon group. It is very quick like Aquilamon (It's previous form). It also has very good psychical attack, plus amazing special attack. With it's ability speed boast, it can become one of the most quickest Pokemon in the game. However it has the lowest HP out of all the Secondary Armor Pokemon. Plus it loses Special Defense compared to Aquilamon, very low psychical defense too. It can be risky to use in battle if you do not KO the opponent in one hit. It has a very solid move pool learning psychical and special based moves. It's signature move Double Star is proven to very powerful, but not too reliable. Shurimon is an okay choice if you want a good sweeper.


Steel Flying
Steel Dragon
DigiEgg of Friendship
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd
70 100 85 95 60 120

RaiDramon is the second Pokemon in the group. RaiDramon is very quick unlike Ex-Veemon (previous form). It's special attack does not change from Ex-Veemon making it the only Pokemon not changing one of it's stats. It has pretty solid psychical stats, plus a amazing move pool since it learns a lot of damaging moves (but mainly special). It mainly learns steel type moves, including Flash Cannon. Not a lot of Dragon types moves, but electric type moves, and even Rain Dance! This is mainly because of it's ability Magnet Pull which is not very useful in battle, but it's useful for catching Steel type Pokemon. RaiDramon is actually not very useful, since it learns more special moves, and it's ability is normally not considered useful.


Steel Water
Water Barrier
DigiEgg of Reliability
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd
70 60 120 115 75 90

Submarimon is the last of the Secondary Armor Pokemon. It has the same psychical defense and special attack tied for the highest with Omastar. It still has good defense like Ankylomon (It's previous form). However, it has a very low psychical attack, lowest out of all the Armor Pokemon. But that's not a problem, since it's move pool is mainly special based. It can learn a lot of water type moves, including one steel type move (Flash Cannon), but it has a pretty small move pool. However it has one of the best abilities out of all the Armor Pokemon. It's called Water Barrier, which prevents all water type moves done by other Pokemon harmless. Submarimon is really great for a special based Pokemon, and has some incredible defenses. It's considered to be the most reliable, but you need to teach it good moves.

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