Sara is a very sweet hearted 8 year old (12 year old in season 2) girl that has the crest of light, and her partner is Vulpix. She is always sweet hearted and very emotional. She looks up to her big brother a lot, especially in season 1. In season 2, after she the Dark Ocean events, she became very independent.

Sara Koki
Appears in: Pokemon Adventure/02
Birthdate: December 30th, 1997
First appearance Pokemon Adventure [M1]
Last appearance Adventure 02: "A Million Points of Light"
Voice actor(s):

(en) Lisa Ortiz

Partner(s): Vulpix
Pokemon Eggs:

Light, and Independence


Adventure / 02:

(En:) 8 / 12

Grade Adventure / 02:

(En:) 3rd / 8th

Gender Female
Known relatives Marc Koki (Father), Rebecca Koki (Mother)

Lucas Yagami (Older Brother) Unnamed Epilogue Son, Daughter, and Nephew

Nationality Japanese
Occupation Kindergarten Teacher (Epilogue)


  • Sara has be made to seem as a very beautiful girl, as she is always being loved by people. Some examples are David, and possibly Curtis. The Wong brothers are also in love with her.
  • Sara has been seen almost dying 2 time in the anime, and one time in the movie where she did die (However, in the epilogue of Pokemon Adventure 02, she was seen having 2 children and the wife of Curtis Jun).
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