Picture Character Voice actor Pokemon Voice actor
David Touya

(En:) Michael Sinterniklaas
(Ja:) Reiko Kiuchi

Riolu (En:) Emily Williams
The new leader of the Chosen Kids. He is a great friend, very stubborn, impulsive, and he plays soccer. He has a crush on Sara and admires Lucas, Eyan, and Barry. He gets into trouble with Curtis.
Curtis Jun

(En:) Michael Sinterniklaas
(Ja:) Taisuke Yamamoto

Totodile (En:) Kayzie Rogers
He is the most experienced Chosen Kid, since he experienced it when he was younger. He is the younger brother of Barry and is something that Paul from Pokemon Adventures wasn't.
Sara Koki (En:) Lisa Ortiz
(Ja:) Kae Araki
Vulpix (En:) Rachel Lillis
She is one of the youngest Chosen Kids and experienced a lot. She is the younger sister of Lucas. She tries to act like Lyra from Pokemon Adventures most of the time.
Lucy Touko (En:) Veronica Taylor
(Ja:) Rio Natsuki
Spearow (En:) Eric Stuart
A new Chosen Kid who is a bit of a flirt. She is headstrong and sometimes stubborn. She is most often seen arguing with David. She admires Dawn, Lisa, and May.
Cody Seiyu

(En:) Veronica Taylor
(Ja:) Rica Matsumoto

Sandshrew (En:) Jimmy Zoppi
He is the youngest in the second season, but despite that he is very mature and thinks things through much like Wally and admires Brendan from Pokemon Adventure.
Cheren Mitzuki (En:) Jamie McGonigal
Caterpie (En:) Emily Williams
At first he was infected by the Dark Spores and driven mad, becoming the Pokemon Emperor. He tried to conquer the Pokemon World, thinking it was a video game. Later he joins the group as the 6th Chosen Kid. He likes to learn from Ethan to see how to be nice.
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