Paul Silver
Appears in: Pokemon Adventure/02
Birthdate: December 24th, 1995
First appearance Pokemon Adventure [M1]
Last appearance Adventure 02: "A Million Points of Light"
Voice actor(s):

(en) Julian Rebolledo

Partner(s): Totodile



Adventure / 02:

(En:) 10 / 14-15

Grade Adventure / 02:

(En:) 5th / 10th

Gender Male
Known relatives

Unnamed Father (deceased), Unnamed Mother (deceased), Will (Abductor)

Nationality Japanese
Occupation Wrestler (Epilogue)


  • Paul is the only one who shows absolutely nothing of his own actions for his trait. He was always in doubt that his friends would lose no matter what which was a complete opposite of his trait.
  • Paul is the only chosen kid who doesn't have a family. His parents died when he was only 3 days old, and he was eventually captured and trained by someone evil (explains his rude behavior and evil ways before the defeat of Golbat).
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