Eyan is a a very leader like 11 year old (16 years old in season 2) that bares the crest of leadership, and his partner Pokemon is Charmander. He isn't shown to be very nice throughout season 1, though he always helps Lucas with his problems, treating Lucas like a little brother, caring for him even more than his little sister.

Eyan Shirou
Appears in: Pokemon Adventure/02
Birthdate: August 1st, 1994

Adventure / 02:

5'1" (154cm) 5'9" (180cm)

First appearance Pokemon Adventure [M1]
Last appearance Adventure 02: "A Million Points of Light"
Voice actor(s): (en) Frank Frankson
Partner(s): Charmander



Adventure / 02:

(En:) 11 / 16

Grade Adventure / 02:

(En:) 6th / 11th

Gender Male
Known relatives Unnamed Father, Delia Shirou (Mother)

Lisa Shirou (Younger Sister)
Unnamed Epilogue Daughter, and Nephew

Nationality Japanese
Occupation Technician/Pokemon World Uniter (Epilogue)


Eyan acts like a bully throughout season 1 for most of the kids, except for Lucas. He acts as the smart of the group sometimes, only when Wally isn't present, which he had a very big responsibility for the kids, after Wally left. He acts like a leader, and even encourages Charmeleon to evolve into Charizard. In season 2, he mainly bullies David, because Eyan is the oldest out of all the chosen kids.


  • Eyan has never smiled once in the entire show, he also never cried, except in season 3 where he did cry, due to being a very mean father to his daughter.
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