Barry is a friendly 11 year old, (15 years old in season 2) kid that bares the crest of friendship and his partner Pokemon is Chimchar

Barry Jun
Appears in: Pokemon Adventure/02
Birthdate: February 12th, 1995

Adventure / 02:

4'8" (147cm) 5'7" (175cm)

First appearance Pokemon Adventure [M1]
Last appearance Adventure 02: "A Million Points of Light"
Voice actor(s): (en) Jamie McGonigal
Partner(s): Chimchar



Adventure / 02:

(En:) 11 / 15

Grade Adventure / 02:

(En:) 5th / 10th

Gender Male
Known relatives Palmer Jun (Father) Nancy Barell (Mother)

Curtis Jun (Younger Brother)
Unnamed Epilogue Son, Daughter, Nephew, and Neice

Nationality Half Japanese, 1/4 American, 1/4 French
Occupation Astronaut (Epilogue)


Barry's personality is the type of impatient personality. Unlike most people, Barry can be reckless and go very fast easily. Barry is very likely to get angered, and he likes to "fine" people, when things go wrong. Barry, however is very friendly, and he cares about his little brother a lot, as he won't even let Curtis get one small bruise. For some reason, Barry loves to take his anger out on mainly David.

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